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Episode 17 – Take Note, It’s Time to Write!

Well, this is the 3rd of our episodes on the 4 different modalities.  On this episode we explore the writing modality and give some insight into how we work with our students to push them to write more than just what the task asks of them.

Also we ask for help, what do you do in your classroom to push your students to write more in the Intermediate level?

Episode 16 – I Can Read! …and comprehend too

On this episode we jump in to the Reading modality and discuss how we assess, teach, and what we do to understand where students should be based on their level.

Some of our favorites sources can also be found linked below:


  • 1jour1actu
    • it has videos and great articles…that are also relatively short

All Languages

Episode 15 – AP and CE Courses

Our first episode about advanced world language classes focused entirely on the IB programme.  This time around we discuss Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment courses.


For our German teachers out there, since resources are so hard to come by, below are some links to help you:


As we find more German resources for the AP exam, we’ll add them to the list.

Episode 14 – Competency Based Education part 2

In this episode we continue on with Episode 10 in discussing the merits and reasoning behind moving to a competency based advancement system.

We were lucky to be joined by the Davis School District Superintendent Reid Newey on this episode.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please comment below or send us a message.

Episode 13 – International Baccalaureate

Join us in a discussion about the IB programme in general and here at Clearfield High School.

This is our first dive into the many ways students are able to obtain college credit for work done in high school.

Episode 12 – Listen Up !

The first of a 4 part series getting into the different modalities, finding resources, and more!  Remember that when it comes to authentic audio, something is always better than nothing.


Check out some of these resources below to help you find audio texts to continue to build your students skills at decoding and comprehending the spoken word.


Also, if you have any sources that you use regularly to find authentic audio, please leave a comment with the web address.

Episode 11 – Avant Assessment !

Wow!  Welcome to episode 11 where we had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with David Bong, CEO and co-founder of Avant Assessment.  We use the STAMP test within Davis School District for many of our students.

Join us for some great insight into how the STAMP test is created, scored, and used.

Episode 10 – Competency Based Education

This episode dives in to a state pilot that Davis School District will begin implementing this next school year where World Language students will not advance in to the next level of class based on seat time, but their advancement up through the levels will depend entirely on their proficiency and ability with the language.  This is a huge undertaking and we will most likely have multiple episodes to help everyone better understand what this will entail.

Today we are joined by Bonnie Flint, our district world language supervisor, and the principal for Clearfield High School, Chris Keime.

Episode 9 – It’s Data, Don’t Take it Personally

In this episode we explore the results of IPAs and assessments in general, and talk about the right and wrong way to approach data.

Episode 8 – Anatomy of an IPA

Join us as we talk about what an Integrated Performance Assessment, or IPA, is and how we have started using them as our district mid and year end assessments.  We’re still figuring things out but what benefits our students is beneficial for us to implement.  It’s all about them, right?

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