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Episode 17 – Take Note, It’s Time to Write!

Well, this is the 3rd of our episodes on the 4 different modalities.  On this episode we explore the writing modality and give some insight into how we work with our students to push them to write more than just what the task asks of them.

Also we ask for help, what do you do in your classroom to push your students to write more in the Intermediate level?

Episode 13 – International Baccalaureate

Join us in a discussion about the IB programme in general and here at Clearfield High School.

This is our first dive into the many ways students are able to obtain college credit for work done in high school.

Episode 3 – ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines part 2

Delving into the Speaking and Writing sections of the 2012 ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

Please leave any comments or questions you may have.  We’re here not only for ourselves but for you, so if you have anything you wish for us to discuss or questions that we can try to answer, please let us know.

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